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Unlocking Back Pain Relief: Top 3 Products for Gravity Inversion Therapy


Are you passionate about staying active but hindered by persistent back pain? Discover cutting-edge products designed by back care experts to alleviate back pain, enhance posture, and improve mobility. While consulting with a medical professional is always recommended, exploring the latest innovations in back care can provide valuable insights into managing back pain effectively. In this blog, we’ll delve into the benefits and functionality of the top three products tailored for back pain relief and gravity inversion therapy.

Teeter Fitspine X3 Inversion Table

Engineered for everyday use, the Teeter Fitspine X3 Inversion Table is your key to decompressing and relieving spinal pressure. By inverting your position, it harnesses the force of gravity to gently stretch and realign your back for improved well-being. The innovative FlexTech™ Bed, supported by an 8-point suspension system, adapts to your movements, while Acupressure Nodes and the Lumbar Bridge allow customizable stretches with healing pressure and enhanced decompression.

Teeter Dex II Decompression and Extension Commercial Machine

Teeter Hang Ups Dex II is a high-quality, user-controlled inversion machine designed for forward-rotating movements. This machine flattens the lumbar curve, creating greater separation of the lower vertebrae and reducing pressure on intervertebral discs. Ideal for back extension exercises, it provides ergonomic support for enhanced comfort. The traction applied to hip joints and spine, rather than ankles, makes it effective not only for relieving back pain but also for addressing sciatic pain and spasms.

Discover Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Machine

Teeter EZ Up System

Designed for use with a standard wood door frame, the Teeter EZ Up System is a secure and adjustable inversion and chin-up system. By hanging upside down during exercises, this system effectively relieves spinal compression using gravity. The optional Calf Loops reduce weight and pressure on knee joints and feet, ensuring a comfortable experience. Durable and comfortable, the Teeter EZ Up System is an ideal inversion therapy solution for those who seek to stay active.

Explore Teeter EZ Up System

In addition to Teeter inversion tables and hang ups, consider affordable accessories like the Teeter Massage Foam Roller. Specifically designed to combat slouched or rounded shoulders and release tension or trigger points, it serves as an excellent warm-up tool to prepare your back for inversion table exercises.

Experience the transformative benefits for your back and overall posture with Teeter Back Care products. Shop Teeter Back Care Products today.

Teeter Fitspine X3 Inversion Table

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