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Groundbreaking Study Reveals Teeter Inversion Therapy’s Remarkable Impact on Sciatica Patients

In a significant breakthrough, a recent study featured in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science unveils encouraging news for individuals grappling with sciatica and lumbar disc disease. The findings challenge the notion that surgery is the sole recourse for relief, showcasing the potential of Teeter inversion therapy in alleviating back pain and symptoms associated with sciatica, possibly eliminating the need for surgery altogether.

Research Methodology and Key Findings

Conducted at Newcastle University, the case-controlled study delved into the effects of regular inversion therapy on pain symptoms in sciatica patients slated for surgery. The primary objective was to measure symptoms and compare the surgery rate following inversion for 85 participants, juxtaposed against three control groups.

Remarkably, the study revealed that individuals with lumbar disc disease and sciatica, who consistently practiced inversion therapy with a Teeter inversion table, were 50% less likely to require surgery compared to matched counterparts who did not engage in inversion exercises. This significant reduction in the likelihood of surgery persisted up to two years post the initial trial period.

The study concludes that, “inversion therapy reduces symptoms and the rate of surgery in patients with lumbar disc disease and sciatica.”

Natural Relief: Comprehensive Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Beyond surgery avoidance, participants maintaining an inversion practice reported substantial improvements in overall back pain symptoms and disability. The study highlights, “after inversion treatment, we also saw improvement in the pain and disability measures in the registry patients… more than 75% of patients showed an improvement over the time period.”

Among the reported improvements were:

  • A 50% reduction in the VAS pain score, persisting for months after initial in-clinic trials.
  • Substantial decreases in overall pain symptoms and disability.
  • 74% reported experiencing less pain.
  • 69-75% exhibited reduced physical limitations due to low back pain.
  • 39% eliminated the need for pain medication.
  • Increased range of motion and improved reflexes.
  • Reduction in sensory impairment.

Conclusion: Teeter Inversion Therapy’s Transformative Impact

This groundbreaking study underscores the transformative potential of inverting with a Teeter Inversion Table, especially for those contending with sciatica and contemplating back surgery. Inversion therapy, a practice dating back thousands of years and rejuvenated in the 1960s, has gained renewed prominence in contemporary healthcare.

Teeter, a trusted name in the inversion industry since 1981, stands out as a beacon of quality and innovation. With a commitment to enhancing the well-being of over 3 million individuals, Teeter continues to empower people to feel better, move better, and live better at home through their range of top-notch inversion devices and fitness and recovery tools.

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