His #1 choice for inversion? The Teeter DEX II.

“I use [the DEX II] every day…I swear by it”

-Joe Rogan, JRE #1474 + MMA Show #93

Teeter Dex II In Use

Like many people, Joe Rogan tried everything to find back pain relief before turning to inversion therapy. Now that he’s discovered Teeter, he uses inversion as a part of his daily routine to maintain a healthy spine and active lifestyle, without pain.

He’s shared his inversion story on the JRE podcast many times and has encouraged both guests and listeners to try out the DEX II and other Teeter products themselves. Back pain relief is just one of the many benefits he enjoys from inversion.

Top 3 Reasons Joe Rogan Uses Teeter

1. Inversion decompresses the spine

Rogan inverts on his Teeter to relieve pressure on the spinal discs, stretch the supporting back muscles, and keep his spine feeling great.

2. Inversion helps with post-workout recovery

Hanging upside down after working out is essential for Rogan. It helps take the load off the joints and undo any damage from high-impact workouts. It also helps flush the waste out of tense, tired muscles (which reduces muscle soreness). Rogan has said he keeps a DEX II in his gym as well as at home.

3. Inversion helps him maintain his lifestyle and hobbies

If you’re a Rogan fan, you know his passion and dedication for jiu-jitsu, and some of the back injuries he’s experienced in the past from training. Rogan uses the DEX II as part of his routine for staying loose and flexible so he can stay active in life and sports.